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ALL DRESSED UP: Reception held to celebrate Lonstrup

The Brandon Sun - 1/29/2020

Taja Lonstrup, a longtime Brandonite and all-around wonderful human being, was presented with the 2019 Human Rights Commitment award in Winnipeg on Dec. 12.

Inclusion Westman held a reception for Lonstrup on Jan. 14 at the Riverbank Discovery Centre.

Lonstrup said she believes very strongly that this award is not about her, but rather all the families, parents and caregivers who are tirelessly working so hard every day to make sure their voices are heard.

All children and families living with a disability should be given the services they need so that they can live like any other family in Canada. It is because of the persistence, dedication and refusal to take no for an answer by parents and caregivers that our society has come this far, but we do have a long way to go.

The Human Rights Commitment Award recognizes a person or a group who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the rights of Manitobans, beyond the work they do in their paid job or position.

Lonstrup has worked very hard to promote inclusion and the rights of her own children who have disabilities as well as the rights of caregivers of people with disabilities.

“Through sharing my own story, I am able to advocate for families of children with intellectual disabilities in the hopes of creating change,” she said. “By identifying barriers and changes that are needed, families can receive the support they need to remain whole.”

I believe, as human beings, we are all in this together, even if it is easy for us to turn a blind eye when we ourselves are not facing any barriers. I think we should all examine our own lives, the businesses we support and think about ways we can do better to be more inclusive and to encourage others to be more inclusive.

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